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The New Beauty Revolution Telesummit


I just listened in on an interview with Raquel Reyna, the organizer of The New Beauty Revolution telesummit (Healthy Point). I don’t know very much about her having found the telesummit via Andrea Nakayama’s Replenish PDX newsletter (she’ll be speaking on March 29th – more about her in another post hopefully). From what I’ve read, she is an emotional eating expert and owner of EndTheDietWar.com, who works with women to help them lose weight.

The title of the talk was “Fulfill Your Cravings” and the description of it stated one could learn how to “Naturally lose your craving for food” and “Seed your craving for deeper meaning”. Putting the kids to bed, I logged in late to the call so I missed probably about 15 minutes of it. From what I heard, it didn’t seem to me that she specifically addressed these points, although again I could have missed. I’m still glad, though, that I listened.

Raquel Reyna has this very kind, calm, soothing way of speaking. She spoke of how weight loss and health has everything to do with how we think about ourselves and our bodies. Similarly, how we care for ourselves and our bodies affects how well we can love and live. And that loving our bodies is so powerful in making the changes we want and need.

She took some time to lead the listeners in experiencing what she called a “sacred moment”. Experiencing the now, paying attention to our bodies – both how they feel internally and externally. She led a short kind of guided imagery of being aware of what your body does in order to get up and get some water from the refrigerator.

She spoke of being in the moment, feeling our bodies and listening to them and being centered. She suggested thinking about where we might feel stuck in our lives – whether its a relationship, career, finances, spirituality — and then said to listen to our bodies and it will know where to go and what path to take, whether it’s cleaning the closet, paying a bill, giving up alcohol, changing a relationship.

The talk was inspiring especially because she is so passionate about what she believes, based on what she has experienced and what she knows can happen for others.

I look forward to listening to more talks. They run through March 30. If you’re interested in listening in, you can sign up here.