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The Herb Fairies Are Coming!


A few years back I had a keen interest in herbs. During that period of time, I of course did a lot of internet research into herbal education. One of the sites I found is LearningHerbs.com. I particularly like this one because of the use of videos, which is much more fun that just reading. John Gallagher, head of the family that runs the site, is primarily featured in the videos. He’s a likeable guy whose easy-going approach really makes me want to learn about herbs and believe that I can put them to use.

My interest waned when I discovered I’m not very good at identifying plants or flowers of any kind. So, I had this fear that I would pick the wrong herb and make my family sick!  I’m also not very good at growing things – although I planted some Lemon Balm in the front yard which I’m pretty sure is what, this year, has completely taken over the flower bed.) But, I continue to be on the LearningHerbs.com mailing list as I enjoy reading what they’re up to and have hopes that someday I can still become the family herbalist.

And I’m glad to be on that mailing list because very recently I’ve received notice of something new  —


I love it. It’s an herbal learning project Kimberly Gallagher (John’s wife) has been working on for three years now and it will be available tomorrow, May 1. I signed up for the preview information and of course got some great videos covering the details of this new project as well as some recipe tutorials. There was also a printable coloring page of very pretty Viola fairy which my daughter is working on.

For more details about the entire program see the video at HerbFairies.com.

I’m looking forward to sharing it with my kids and hopefully learning from it too…maybe I can learn to identify those herbs. (Or maybe Melissa the Lemon Balm fairy can help me confirm what’s growing in my flower bed!) Leave me a comment below if you’re planning to enjoy the Herb Fairies too.