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CVS and Lovin’ the ExtraCare

CVS, Saratoga Springs NY

CVS, Saratoga Springs NY by NNECAPA on Flickr

Just have to share that I love LOVE the feature that CVS offers with their discounts. I have an ExtraCare card and I get emails that offer me coupons and discounts. Now I get emails from everyone under the sun with specials by emails.

But what I love is that when I receive an email for 25% off my purchase, for example, I then have the option of printing the coupon or having the coupon sent to my ExtraCare card! Then, the next time I’m checking out at the store and my card is scanned, the cashier asks me if I want to use the coupon. Hurray! No more worrying about remembering to print out the coupon, remembering to put the coupon in purse and then remembering to use the coupon!