I actually wanted to be the “Wanna Be Healthy Mama”. But google that and you’ll find tons of results! I also searched it at godaddy.com (I have a bit of an addiction to domain names). While that domain is available, “Gotta Be Healthy Mama” was one of the suggestions for alternate domain names.

And when I thought about it, I realized that is actually more of the truth. I do want to be a healthy mama. But, in fact, I have to be a healthy mama. Even though I don’t eat well and don’t exercise, I’m blessed to be in relatively good health and disease-free. Likewise with my husband. I’ve started worrying lately, as we get older, that this “luck” won’t last. I don’t want one of us to someday be diagnosed with something and then be scrambling to try and live a healthier lifestyle. I also certainly don’t want our children to be adversely affected by our poor health.

So I gotta be a healthy mama – for my sake and the sake of my family.


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