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It’s Just A Half Hour, Right? Not If It’s A Power Half Hour!


And, especially if it’s a DVD called “Power Half Hour” from The Firm!

Power Half Hour

I love The Firm workouts! Actually, I used to. Couple of years ago I did them regularly. Felt FANTASTIC. Lost weight, built muscle. Got pregnant. (Coincidence? Hmmm…). Haven’t worked out since.

Off and on I’ve tried to get back to that commitment to exercising, but haven’t been able to. Two days ago, I was inspired to try exercising again. Did about 15 minutes of Zumba with my Wii (thanks Mom!) and then pulled out this DVD. Made it less than 10 minutes, then I was DONE. And yet, I could barely walk yesterday. Yikes.

Tried again today. Here were some of the thoughts going through my head:



“Oh darn. These aren’t 5 lb. weights. They’re only 3 lbs.”

“Ooh…I like squats!”

“5 lb. weights are heavy. Hope I don’t hit my head doing these overhead presses.”

“I do not have to give her more power. I do not have to give her more power.”

“I also do not have to give her air. Straddle jumps were soooo high school cheerleading practice.”

“Ten more minutes? TEN MORE MINUTES!”

“What are you going to do for ten minutes if you don’t do this?”

“If I’m in a plie, my right elbow does not touch my left knee. It used to. Darn.”

“Yay, it’s time to stretch!”

“So glad I hung in for the last ten minutes because it was really only EIGHT minutes until it was time to stretch.”

“Oh good…now I can eat my BK onion rings.”



“Almost Pizza” from SNL


Funny! Wouldn’t it be fun if food companies were completely truthful about their products? Makes me think of that movie “Crazy People” with Dudley Moore where he becomes successful with his “truth in advertising” campaigns.

A Very Veggie World from Country Crock


Country Crock is offering a free downloadable recipe book titled A Very Veggie World.

A Very Veggie World

Cover Photo of Country Crock's A Very Veggie World

It has 25 fun things to create with your veggies such as Mushroom Gnomes

 and Bear Paws.

Bear Paws from Country Crock's A Very Veggie World

Very cute ideas I’ll have to try.

Although, I have to confess that no matter how it looks, I don’t think I can eat brussel sprouts. (Shh! Don’t tell my kids.)

Molecular Model Brussel Sprouts from Country Crock's A Very Veggie World

Get your own copy here.