Recipe Makeover: Grilled Ham and Cheese


Trying to make small changes in our lives, I tried a new version of grilled ham and cheese a few weeks ago. I actually got the idea from my Betty Crocker app on my phone.

Normally, I would make grilled ham and cheese with the following ingredients:

  • White Bread (hopefully the kind sans HFCS if I saw it at the supermarket)
  • Kraft American Cheese
  • Hillshire Farm Deli Ham

Here’s how I would make it:

  • Heat the skillet with butter on it and place pairs of bread on it, with the cheese on one side of each pair.
  • Put the ham on another part of the grill until it gets sizzly and slightly brown. Then, place it on the slice with the cheese, get its pair and place that on top.
  • At this point, it never seems like there’s enough butter on the bread, so I add more to the skillet. Or, if the bread is soft enough, I put it directly on the bread. Basically, I use enough better to get that good golden brown color on each side because that’s the best part!

Done. Serve with chips or Ore Ida fries I baked in the oven. And maybe cherry tomatoes if we have them.

My new and improved version includes the following:

  • Texas Toast (Okay, I know this isn’t the healthiest = Not Healthy Point. But my friend Betty, as in Crocker, recommended it and boy do we love garlic bread!)
  • Baked ham slices from the freezer, leftover from the holiday
  • Cheese from the deli (The husband, not too long before this had realized that Kraft American Cheese says “cheese product” and went to the supermarket deli to get real cheese. Not sure exactly what kind it is but Healthy Point to him for making the effort!)

So, I assembled the sandwiches and put them in the oven to bake.

OH! And lest I forget. I made sweet potato fries to go with it! My second child actually chopped them up for me and did a fabulous job. The recipe I followed for that (yeah, I know…who needs a recipe to make sweet potato fries?) said to put the sweet potatoes on a foil-covered pan. Not sure if that was the problem, or what, but the fries quickly started burn although I managed to salvage them.

I thought I’d share a photo but didn’t remember to take it until after I dished out the fries, so the bowl of fries looks a little skimpy. Plus, apparently I’m not much of a food photographer. Other blog’s food photos are so pretty! But, you get the point.

Everyone loved the sandwiches. Kids hated the sweet potato fries. Only ate them while smothered in ketchup, which of course was the kind with HFCS.

But still, I thought it was a good effort on everyone’s part. Next time, I’ll try to make the bread healthier.

Healthy Point!


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