The Scoreboard


I’ve decided to add a scoreboard – you’ll see it to the right. Nothing fancy. The purpose? Simple. To keep score of how I’m doing. Here are some guidelines:

  • Points are completely subjective. I can add a point in either category for any reason.
  • Only one point given at a time. No adding a zillion points just because I’m having an awesome day!
  • When I give a point, I’ll note it in a post and tag that post “Scoreboard”.
  • Once I give a point, in either category, I will not take any points away for any reason. Say, for example, I decide what I did actually was healthy even though I marked it not healthy. I’m not going to take a point away from “not health” and put one in “healthy”.  That’ll just be too confusing. However,  I might just add an extra point to the healthy side to make up for it. My rules, right?
  • I welcome points from others! If you think I deserve a point in either category, feel free to comment and explain. I’ll try not to argue with you about it and add the point accordingly. But please be nice. I’m rather sensitive. And if it’s starts to become unfriendly or plain out mean, I won’t do it anymore.

That’s it!


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